Documenting the



pen, marker 2000


India Ink,1999

water color and pen, France 1999

boy blue

floresent marker and pen 1999


Mixed media.1998

Drawing from the past

Starting today I am going to be archiving and introducing my 2D art to the internet.  Most people who knew me from a young age are familiar with my drawings.  I used to draw compulsively until the day that I turned my attention almost entirely to Film and video production.  This happened funnily enough when I moved to Chicago in 2002 to attend The School of the Art Institute.    DV video was becoming the new format and I was suddenly all about it.  All I wanted to do was video tape!  My drawing’s were for the most part playful and somewhat cartoony and at the School they were pushing for something much more serious and for drawings that held deep meanings.  Perhaps this contributed to killing the fun of drawing for me, I don’t know.    My basement recently flooded and ruined many of my sketchbooks and art.  I dried off a lot of it and I will be starting with drawings from a book from 1998.  Enjoy.

World Premiere Sharkula Diarrhea of a Madman this Friday!

The Gene Siskel Film Center here in Chicago Il will be showing my film this Friday at 8:15. It is playing as part of the 16th annual Black Harvest Film Festival. Sharkula and I will be present for a Q& A with the audience after the screening. Merchandise CD’s DVD s and records will be on sale! Hopefully Chicago will come out for us!